This revolutionary system allows you to have complex dental procedures performed in just one visit. This new, advanced technology allows Dr. Pohlman to fabricate dental prosthetics in the office during your visit. Crowns, complex fillings, and veneers can be created, fitted and placed in a single appointment.

If you require a crown, veneer or filling, Dr. Pohlman will prepare your tooth using the normal procedure. However, instead of taking a dental impression to create a mold for your new tooth, a special camera is used to take a digital image of your tooth. That image is sent to a computer which converts it into a 3D model. If Dr. Pohlman is satisfied with the computer-designed tooth, the electronic model is transferred to an on-site milling machine which etches your new tooth from a ceramic block.  Depending on the complexity of the tooth, the machine can produce a crown in less than 30 minutes.

Once the new tooth has been milled, polished and stained to match the natural appearance of your other teeth, the newly fabricated restoration is placed and cemented onto the prepared surface of your existing tooth.

Benefits of Cerec

  • Only one visit is required for a procedure that would otherwise require two or more visits
  • You will only receive anaesthetic injections once since your procedure will take place within one to two hours
  • All work is completed within the office under the control of Dr. Pohlman
  • Temporary replacements, which can break or cause problems, are no longer required
  • Because you only require one visit to the dentist, and no outside labs are involved, the cost of Cerec is much more reasonable and cost-effective than you might think.

Get your Big Happy Smiles more quickly and conveniently with the Cerec system.