Metal-Free Crowns

Porcelain Crowns have several advantages over Metal Crowns

Porcelain crowns which contain no metal have many advantages that make them a more appropriate choice than porcelain-bonded-to-metal crowns.

Porcelain crowns are allergen-free
Some people have allergies or reactions to metals and minerals that can cause discomfort or other health problems.

Porcelain crowns have some transparency
Transparency affects the way light reflects off your teeth. Natural teeth also have some transparency which makes a porcelain crown blend in with your other teeth. This is especially important in anterior (front) teeth which are more visible.

Porcelain is easier to form
After the crown is placed, your dentist may want to make minor adjustments to allow the crown to fit properly next to your other teeth. A hardened metal crown makes this process much more difficult.

Metal crowns can cause black edges
The soft tissue of your gums can react to the alloys in a metal crown causing irritation. This can cause a black line to form at the edge of the crown. Irritation caused by metal crowns can also result in receding gum lines.

Due to constant advancements in technology, porcelain crowns are stronger, more durable and longer lasting. Dr. Pohlman will be happy to discuss the advantages that will make your Big Happy Smiles last a lifetime.