Porcelain Fixed Bridges


Gaps not only detract from your Big Happy Smiles, they can lead to more serious problems in your dental and physical health. When teeth are missing on the bottom, upper teeth can begin to sag or drop. Teeth that are located next to a gap can begin to shift or twist without the support of its neighbors. Tooth loss can also cause speech impediments, jaw joint disorders, changes in your bite and increased risk of tooth decay.

Lost teeth can be replaced with an appliance called a dental bridge.  While various materials can be used to construct a bridge, porcelain is preferred due to its strength, durability and natural-looking appearance. A fixed bridge is a permanent structure that is attached to existing teeth. It consists of two crowns with one or more prosthetic teeth between them, which fills the gap, replacing missing teeth.

Dr. Pohlman will begin by removing any broken, damaged or irreparable portion of tooth within the gap. X-rays will be taken to assess the strength and structure of the adjoining teeth. Crowns will be prepared for the supporting teeth and a bridge will be fabricated to fit into the space.

Once your dental bridge has been placed, the dentist will make sure that the appliance fits properly, and interacts appropriately with the surrounding teeth. It is important that you maintain proper care of your dental bridge so that your Big Happy Smiles last a lifetime.