Root Canals


Your teeth have roots, just like a tree, which anchor it into your jaw bone. These roots have canals which contain soft tissue and blood vessels. When tooth decay goes un-noticed or untreated, the bacteria eventually work its way into the soft tissue of the inner tooth causing an infection. If this situation continues to go untreated, the infection can cause a painful abscess and spread infection throughout the body. The tooth will eventually die and have to be removed, causing further complications and dental health issues.

Signs of an infected tooth may include:

  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Swelling and tenderness to soft tissues
  • Toothache or pain in the jaw
  • Drainage or discoloration around the tooth
  • An abscess within the gums

Root canal therapy involves removal of the diseased tissue from within the root of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and prepared for either a temporary or permanent filling depending on whether an additional appointment is required. Once the tooth is cleaned and repaired, a crown is fitted in order to restore the tooth to its full strength.

Removal of diseased teeth is not recommended. Removing a tooth and creating a void can cause other complications to your dental health. Dr. Pohlman will assess your dental health and discuss the best treatment to maintain your Big Happy Smiles.