Sealants are an application placed on the surface of the tooth to protect your teeth from decay-causing bacteria. They are applied to the teeth of patients who are at higher risk of suffering from tooth decay. This may include children, adults who are pre-disposed to tooth decay due to genetics, and older people who may have difficulty keeping their teeth clean because of dexterity problems.

Sealants are painted onto the surface of the tooth by your dentist. They are most often applied to the rear teeth (molars) which are harder to keep clean. These teeth tend to have deep grooves in the upper surfaces in which food particles can become trapped.

The sealant is made from a thin coat of plastic which bonds directly with the surface of the tooth. Dr. Pohlman etches the surface of the tooth so that the sealant will bond quickly and securely. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort associated with this procedure. You may not even realize that the sealant is being applied.

Sealants are only a preventive measure and offer no corrective value towards teeth that may already be in the beginning stages of decay. Sealants are only applied to completely healthy teeth. They can help your Big Happy Smiles to last a lifetime.