Space Maintainers


When children lose their baby teeth, space maintainers are sometimes implemented to make sure that the adult teeth can grow in properly at a later time. Baby teeth act as a guide for the adult teeth to descend.

Baby teeth can be lost prematurely due to trauma or accident, severe tooth decay, or illness. Premature tooth loss can occur long before the adult tooth is ready to descend. A space maintainer helps keep that space open for the adult tooth which will come later.

If space maintainers are not used, the remaining baby teeth may drift or tilt towards the empty space. Then, when the adult teeth come in, there is nowhere for them to go causing crowding, shifting and overlapping. As each of the adult teeth drop to replace the already misaligned baby teeth, more and more dental health issues will develop.

A space maintainer is a very simple device that can prevent expensive and invasive treatments required to correct dental health issues that can cause permanent damage.

Several types of space maintainers are available depending on the age of the child and extent of the dental issue. Dr. Pohlman will help you determine the best course of action for your child. Your child will be fitted with the most comfortable and least invasive device to maintain a lifetime’s worth of Big Happy Smiles.